Mar 04 2015

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Tape and Velcro

After stuffing all of the working LEDs into their plastic channels, Sheri and I headed over to the truck to affix them to the comb lines. Little did we know how much work was going to be involved with this process.

Velcro comes with a loop side and a hook side. After a bit of discussion we decided to apply the hooks to the comb lines and the loops to the plastic channels. I worked on the plastic while Sheri got the X1 comb line ready. Well, she tried to anyway, as she quickly realized that all the tape and Zip-ties needed to come off first. Even after we got all the hardware off, she wanted to wash the metal with soap as it was pretty groady.

Short version: Two hours later, we finally had one line done.







Sheri set off to cut hundreds of Mylar silica while I returned after lunch to start working on getting just the tape off the remaining 12 comb line sections. Teph joined me and we were able to relieve every comb line segment of tape. We still have to clean them, but – wow! – what a difference.

Today was a good dayz work!



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