Sep 09 2014

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LED Request

We powered 30 LED strips this year. The 5050 LEDs receive their signal from a 6803 controller. The controllers that come with the strips are flaky. I would prefer an Ardiono/Raspberry Pi solution.

We need a controller box with:

1) 4 different strips outputs with the same pattern on all of them
2) The ability to define number of lights on each strip
3) WiFi and/or Bluetooth web interface
4) Included pre-programmed patterns
5) A color wheel/pad to choose single colors
6) The option to control brightness, fade, pulse and flash
7) Save favorites
8) Share/load configuration files

Creating a full on lighting app to manipulate multiple controller boxes would be choice. This app should:

1) Connect via WiFi and/or Bluetooth
2) Control multiple boxes

A number of solutions already exist, but I haven’t found any I actually like. Let’s build our own!

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  1. smash

    My buddy Phil has LOTS of useful Raspberry Pi controlled LED projects detailed at adafruit.com

    His projects are at: https://learn.adafruit.com/users/pburgess


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