Feb 08 2013

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Jan 8

A lot going on today.

We go to pick up the truck tonight at 6pm!!!

Bob called about the Richmond rental space and said it was ours if we wanted it.

Went last night to Vessel to talk with Alaeddine but he did not show.

Jake is now firmly on board. Our committed Unaverz building team is now: Ulan, Keith, Jeff, Adam, Hanna, Charlie, Iyad, Sheri, Jules and Jake.

Last night we talked about a theme of a giant magic lamp. Rugs (magic carpets), genies, shoes with rolled up toes, turbans, a solid gold exterior by day with lights behind the fabric for the night, speakers behind the fabric so the lines of the lamp are clear.

Good Times™


The Richmond place has the following:

Right next door to Jeff’s house. Same landlord.

Not a great area but a perfect space!

1,100 sqft


1 year lease.

Two roll up doors (one on the side and on in the rear)

Tall ceilings.

Cinder block walls (totally secure)

An office in the back that is livable (the guy before stayed there with his girlfriend)

Full bathroom including shower


Four external cameras for monitoring the perimeter

High fences around the back

A large driveway that can easily accommodate two trucks

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