Aug 06 2013

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First night with LEDs

Thanx to Teff’s fabü grinding yesterday (3+ hours!!), we only had to spend two hours taking mill off before we could lacquer the metal. Painting, grinding, some more grinding, then some grinding, then a last bit of grinding… and before you know it, we could paint some more and then grind.

After a bit of… grinding, Todd showed us how to use the sprayer. Currently this is my favorite tool. Less than a quart of lacquer and all of the top rails and much of the bottom was completed with two coats before the sun went down and it was too cold to continue.

Todd received his present of LED’s and went to work setting us up. At first we installed two strips on the front ring. Then we added two more. Then we added a fifth just for good measure. We are in agreement, the top ring needs six 5 meter strands of 300 LED lights. 1500 lights just for one ring. Sheesh. Yeah, we are going to blow through our 20 strip design in no time. Can’t wait!

Work Crew: Ulan, Todd, Jeff, Sharifa, Sheri and Iyad.








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