Sep 08 2014

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2014 Stories – Embrace Burn – Sunrise Set Friday Morning

Of all the sunrise sets I have experienced, none top the music played the morning of the Embrace Burn. The Jonathan Barnes from Airpusher woke me from my slumber in the dome just before 7am. Charles and he wanted to get a bit closer to Embrace – but not so close as to be part of the crowd.

We slowly made our way up and parked a good bit back from everyone else. We wanted to play our music loud but were conscious not to disturb folks who didn’t want to get blasted.

The DJ played an amazing set – and then we ran out of gas for the generator just before the burn was set to begin. A bunch of people rallied to find gas and we borrowed two gallons from one car and 5 from another. As the burn began, the DJ fired off a collection of tunes that inspired and beckoned us to dance.

As one group of friends grilled quesadillas to share with all, another frolicked to the music. During the entire burn, UNAVERZ was packed while a large number of dancers busied themselves in front of the truck. And the music was simply perfect.

It was truly magical.





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